Oct. 26, 2015

Logo for Vegitalyguide.  by  Hakpro.

Veg Italy Guide is an Italian website which is providing guide to vegetarians and focuses on how to be vegan in Italy. They contacted me for a logo design for their website.They wanted a playful logo for their website. In logo they wanted to have an Italian look, and a reason why people visit this Italian website, for guidance regarding becoming a Vegan. Logo concept: In this logo a Broccoli is shown, with Italian Mustache. This character is having a small rectangle in its left hand. This small rectangle is a guide, this character is presenting this guide to “i” of guide who is someone from world seeking guidance from this website. Whole logo concept is aligned with design brief and actual function of this website as this website is providing guidance to its users focusing on becoming vegan. I used colors of Italian flag,to make this logo more Italian looking, green for veg, white for Italy and red for guide to make it more prominent.

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